Everbody wants to be successfull, Yes or No ? But WHAT IS SUCCESS ? There is no single defination of success. For majority of people success means wealth , for some it is health and rarely people call it happiness. In reality, Success is a blend of What we call Health, Wealth and Happiness. Now, Your mind must be equipped with a lot of questions like:-

What is required to attain these pillars of success ?

How Hard is it to be successfull ?

When I will be successfull ?

Now, The most successful people on the planet share some common thing among themselves and it is as easy to apply in our own life. Do you know what that is ? Think about that.

In my words, it is the foundation on which they have been building themselves for success. Imagine, There is construction of a 40 storey bulding in our city. What does building need to survive any kind of misery like earthquake , storm etc. ? A strong foundation. If its foundation is not strong, it will collapse. In similar fashion, We need a strong foundation of our character to be successful otherwise, it will be short-term success.

Can You make difference between character and personality ?

Most people will find it same and there is nothing wrong in it. As we go deeper into its roots, They both are dependent on each other as character is deepest values, beliefs we hold and personality is what people percieves about us. Our character is what we are deep inside and our personality is outward reflection of our character. Character is our deep values like Integrity, Kindness , Patience , Humility etc which we upholds as a person and in contrast, personality refers to the action based upon those values and are perceived by people about us.

Let me share an example, If we try to catch the cat, it will always run and it will be impossible to catch. Now, if you have what cat wants, it will always come to you. In reality, we all are chasing money and it is running at a fast pace and we are unable to grab but if we focus on our personal growth, money will start chasing us.

Every successful person in the history has a secret to achieve what he wants to. That secret is to invest in their personal development. By the time we start investing our time in our own personal growth, we begin to adopt a learning mindset and this mindset is a guaranteed pathway for success. Why I am saying this is because our society is not teaching us to adopt a learning mindset. Many of us, when we were students have heard from our parents or teachers that you only to need to study till your graduation or PG and after that there will be your working life but that approach is stopping us to learn which further closes pathway for long term success.


The best investment we can ever make is in ourselves, said by Warren Buffett. As we got to know our mission or purpose in life is to develop ourselves by adopting a learning mindset and personal growth is pathway for Health, Wealth and Happiness. If This Impacted your life a little, A request from my side, There are millions who needs this message, Chasing success but are not getting what they want. I want you to share this message so everyone can make a little investment in themselves which will take humanity forward to a better tomorrow.