In this technological era, where everyone is living in fast pace environment, humans instead of stepping back from their day to day lives forget to think about their dreams and running a race which has no milestones or goals and are getting stressed in life. Today, stress is becoming enemy of humans which is taking us away from a life of happiness and fulfillment. To be able to cope up in this modern world, we need to know about Three topics which can help us to cope up with stress. You must be thinking what those three topics are ? To get better understanding of each topic, there should be commitment to yourself that you will apply those topics in your day to day lives. Results wont happen quickly on day one, it takes consistency and commitment to get most out of our lives.

Let me introduce you to the three topics which can help us in creating a better and fulfilled life.


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Do you feel why life is happening to me like this ? Why i am not able to get what i want ? why god is doing this to me ? Why i am stuck in life ? This is all because negative thoughts run our life and those thoughts create negative feelings and emotions and we feel stuck in our lives and life goes on. Moreover, we start blaming others for our current situations. Its all in our minds and we create self-fulfilling prophecies to defend ourselves against any mishappening occurs in our lives. A lot of people lack in clear vision for their future and got stuck in between their lives feeling confused.

Meditation, a practice in spirituality can help us clear our minds and turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. It helps us connect to our inner self which guides our dreams and acts as compass to guide our direction in life.  It helps us feel happier and satisfied with what we get in life at given point of time. It gives meaning to our lives and let us operate at higher level of consciousness which allows us to live our purpose in life. What’s your opinion about this ? Nothing makes you as happier and satisfied when you are living your purpose and realising your true potential in life.

Adding this ritual in your morning routine for 10 mins a day can help you start a fresh start with fresh vision. It allows you to create best version of yourself and also helps you to reduce stress because it gets you connected your soul and body. Its less than 1% of our time in a day. Do you think that 1% of time will create a better day for you and better days are converted into better and happier life ?


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Some of us are those who are stressed about their health and body. Instead, of working on ourselves we are making excuses for not eating healthy or not going to the gym. They make excuses like I am too busy , I don’t have time , healthy diet is expensive , i cant afford it etc.  Some of those are the ones who start but then quit because they don’t see results in weeks or months. As I told earlier, it takes consistency and commitment. 

Do you believe healthy diet and body inspires us and motivate us to achieve our dreams in life ? Do healthy diet gives us more energy ? Do we get confident about our personality ? If its Yes to all our answers, Why are we lacking behind ? Lets be true to ourselves and promise ourselves  to take 45 minutes a day for our own health and body. God only gave us body, so its our responsibility to take care of it. Daily exercise helps us creating healthy metabolism which further helps in losing or gaining weight. 

So, do you believe working on ourselves will also limit stress in our life ?


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As John C. Maxwell said, ” Everything Rise And Falls On Leadership.” Sometimes we get stuck in our businesses or jobs and feel stressed and doesn’t find a way out of the situation. For eg. An employee in an organisation feels like why my boss is this way ? why he is rude to me ? Do i have done somethig wrong ? Why me ? or business owners feels like why i am not able to grow my business ? why i have to handle all the problems ? why i am not able to get best employees for my business ? When we dont get solutions for our problems we feel stuck and extra stress comes in our way of thinking. In day to day lives we got frustrate when somebody doesn’t listen to us, we feel like why he is not listening or understanding me ? why is behaving like this to me ? and then we assume the problem is with him not me. By this we restrict our mind to influence others in our way of thinking. 

Influence can be achieved if we are able to adopt leader mindset. Its difficult to adopt leader mindset but its the only way of succeeding with people. As in business, Business is with people. No matter what products you sell, if you aren’t good with people you are not good in business. Everybody joins a corporte world to climb a ladder to the top and when someone feels stuck in that scenario, he/she is lacking leadership qualities which is restricting him/her to climb that ladder. A leader always grows at a fast pace than followers. 

Do you believe if person is feeling growth in himself the extra stress due to his environment can be reduced ?