In the world of chaos, where everyone is running towards goals of his/her life we are not only stressed but there is lack of satisfaction also. Our achieved goals brings us joy but that is diminished within days or weeks or months and we step back to where we have started. Here where question arises HOW TO BE HAPPY ? First of all, we are running towards pleasures and not fulfillment. We have to understand the difference between pleasure and fulfillment as both are components of mind.

What I know about happiness is :

Happiness is a state of mind.

How can we achieve that state of mind ?

Three Things We Can Do To Achieve The State Of Lasting Happiness For Fulfilled And Satisfied Life.

1. Forget The Past

Half of the time, our mind is equipped with past events. We are getting stressed and feeling depressed due to what was happened in the past.

Now Imagine, there is glass of water which is full and we are pouring more water in it. what will happen ? The answer is obvious water will come out of the glass. Same way, If our mind is equipped with past events how can we enjoy moments of present and will start believing in future ? So, we have to clean our minds and to clean up our mind we have to empty our minds for the beautiful things happening in our lives.

Now, Why are we worrying for the past and let cannot change it. But what we can change is our present by learning from the past mistakes. So, instead of worrying about past we can make mistakes our lessons for present which will redefine our future.

2. Forget The Future

Now, Half of the time we are thinking about future. what will happen in future ? and we are anxious half of the time. Our thoughts are interconnected because we get anxious due to our stressed state and we get stressed due to anxious state. In both the ways we are living in the past or future which unable us to see beauties of present moment. Now, What Is Present Moment ?

Now, Step back from everything and start focusing on the breath for 2 minutes which will release all your anxieties and worries and helps you focus on present moment and let you decide for what is important in present to change our future. As APJ Abdul Kalam Said,” We Cannot Change Our Future But What We Can Change Is Our Habits And Habits Will Change Our Future.” Now, By Focusing on present we can change our future.

3. Improving On Daily Basis

As I stated earlier our habits will change our future. We Can focus on changing our habits by focusing on present. Mindfulness is the key. Make your belief that I will do my best today and better than yesterday. This way when we will look back at our lives after long time, there will be lot of difference between where we have started and where we are now.

We are constantly thinking of our future and forget to take right actions to reach where we want to be. Only actions does not lead to success and happiness. Taking right actions at the right time is the key. Now, What Is Right Time ?

Once stated,” The Right Time To Plant A Tree Was 10 Years Ago And Second Right Time Is Now.” Take right actions Now ( In The Present Moment ) daily to improve yourself daily for long term happiness and fulfillment.


Present Moment Is the Key To Happiness. As We Are Able To Improve When We Are Present Not When Our Mind Is Equipped In Past Or Future.

Nobody Can Change Us, Only We Can Change Ourselves. Take Action To Change Yourself Because That Is Pathway To Happiness.

Satyam Mahindru