Our World Needs Leaders. But How To Be A Leader ? Leadership Is A Skill Set Which Can Be Learned. People Thinks Leaders Are Born But It’s Not True. As Optimist I Believe There Is Lot Of Demand Of Leaders In Workplace And Development Of Countries.

In The Workplace, We Need Team Leaders To Run Small Teams And Big Teams. Now, As I Studied Lots Of Successful People In The Business World, They Share This Skill Set Among Them.

For The Development Of Countries, We Need Good Leaders To Run The Nation But These Leaders Take Advantage Of Their Skill Set And Manipulate Common People Especially In India. You Will Get To Know How They Manipulate Common People As You Dive Deep Into The Topic.

Now, How To Become A Leader ?

As Our Nature Works With Universal Laws. Same Leadership Works With Its Laws. By The Way, Those Laws Are Also Stated In Every Holy Book ( Bhagwad Gita, Bible Etc ). Today, I Will Discuss About Basic Fundamental Principal With Which Leadership Works.

Now Imagine, If You Cant Lead Yourself, How Can You Expect To Lead Others ?

The First Step To Leadership Is To Lead Yourself First.

As Simon Sinek Said,” You Only Need One Thing To Be A Leader And That Is Followers.” Now, If You Start Leading Yourself And Become Master Of Yourself, You Will Be Surprised To See That People Will Start Following You.

The Key To Self Leadership Is Self Discipline. Note That Down. Its Important.

How Self Discipline Will Be First Step Towards Leadership ?

Now, Do You Think Virat Kohli, Micheal Jordan, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani Etc And Successful People Around You Have Discipline In Them. You Have To Understand, We Admire Discipline In Other People Thats Why We Follow Them. Self Discipline Leads To Self Mastery. Self Mastery Leads To People Mastery. The One Who Is Master Of Himself Is Master Of People.

Now, Self Discipline Not Only Helps You In Becoming A Good Leader. It Also Helps In Many Other Ways Like :-

1. Improves Your Focus In Life

2. Gives You Direction In Life

3. Removing Distractions From Life

4. Better Time Management

5. Utilizes Your Energy Well

6. Gives More Freedom

7. You Get Control Over Your Life


Let Me Conclude, Otherwise It Wont End. The First Step To Be A Leader Is Self Discipline. We All Admire Discipline In Other People. What If We Adapt A Quality Of Discipline. Will People Will Start Admiring Us ?