My Story

Satyam Mahindru
Satyam Mahindru

My Name Is Satyam Mahindru. I Went To Canada In 2016 To Pursue My Higher Education And For Successful Career Ahead. When I Was In Canada, Things Didn’t Went According To My Plan And Due To Some Personal Life Issues I Went On To The Path Of Self Destruction. I Started Dwelling Into Bad Habits Like Alcohol, Smoking etc. Which Ruined My Studies And Future Career. Further, I Was Into Depression And Was Not Able To Focus On My Studies And My Living Expenses.  This All Come To Conclusion Of Big Failure In My Life And All My Dreams Were Shattered And It Left Me Devastated In My Life.

As On The Process Of My Journey, One Day I Went To The Bookstore Which Changed My Life Completely And Gave Me New Hopes To Chase My Dreams And I Started Finding My Purpose And Passion Along The Way To My Dreams.

As A Kid I Always Wanted To Do Something Bigger Than Myself And Wanted To Live A Purposeful Life Rather Than Living A Mediocre Life.

A New Journey Started And I Really Felt To Reconstruct Myself As A Whole New Man And  Following One Attitude Never Give Up. On This New Phase I Started Finding My Purpose And Moving Towards Mission Oriented Life.

This Mission Oriented Life Gave Me A Whole New Meaning And I Started Writing On Self Improvement, So That People Who Are Going Through Struggling Phase Are Able To Get New Hopes To Follow Their Dreams.

My Mission

Further, I Wanted To Do Something For My Small City And I Am Initiating To Create Economic And Cultural Growth By Helping Businesses To Outshine In This 21st Century. So, I Started Lets Grow Here Which Will Impact Small Businesses In My City.

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